The Art Of Systemology And How You Can Use Processes To Energise Your Scale-Up Plans - with David Jenyns

Nov 05, 2020

In this week’s show, Nick talks to fellow Aussie, and author of ’Systemology’, David Jenyns, about the importance of processes and systems in order to achieve scale and success. 

Through his incredible insights and experience, David has developed a system that helps you create time, reduce errors, and scale your profits with proven business systems, and he’s here this week to share the systems and processes with you.



  • Systems and processes are the key to freedom for anyone. By embracing the concept fully, we install the processes that allow us to express creativity and embrace the freedom to pursue other opportunities.
  • Many talk about fear-related reason for not doing something or elevating in some way, but by simply committing, we force ourselves to achieve.
  • We often find ourselves hitting roadblocks and wondering how to go around it in order to progress. We must instead learn to surmount it, conquer it, thereby increasing our resilience for further challenges.
  • A system gives you a way to deliver something to a consistent standard and do so in the quickest and most efficient format. But we should always make allowances for the people we hire, who, ideally, will always be looking for ways to improve the systems.



‘If you want to create freedom, then it’s systems and process that are going to enable that’

‘I fell in love with the result of what systems can give’

’I just want to give the podcast episodes to someone and for them to turn it into something magical’

‘I like to think of systems more as a guide, or a set of rules, or a structure'

‘Now is the best time in history to implement changes and systems’



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